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Transport projects and consultations

A10 Royston to Cambridge foot & cycleway

The A10 foot & cycleway scheme aims to enhance walking and cycling links along the A10 corridor from Royston into Cambridge.

The Greater Cambridge City Deal is investing in transport infrastructure that makes it easier for people to travel between home and places of work or study using sustainable modes of transport to reduce congestion and strengthen the local economy.  

This new route will provide links between Melbourn, Meldreth, Shepreth and Foxton to rail stations and key employment sites such as Melbourn Science Park and Sagentia. The new and improved paths will be separate from motor traffic, and therefore be safe and enjoyable for all.

a10 cycle route map


From 24 October, work will begin on a £550k stretch to link the village of Melbourn to existing cycleways along the A10.

Work was recently completed on an improved shared-use foot and cycleway from the south of Harston along the A10 to the outskirts of Melbourn.  This was funded by a Cycle City Ambition Grant obtained through the Department for Transport.

Details of the new path

The existing footway on the western side of Cambridge Road from Melbourn Science Park to Wyevale Garden Centre will be widened to 2.5 metres.  A new foot & cycleway on the eastern side will then lead to the A10 via Dunsbridge Turnpike.

A new central island on the A10 near the Dunsbridge Business Park Weavers Shed will help pedestrians and cyclists to cross the A10.

Melbourn Cycleway map

The new and improved 2.1 km long path will be 2.5 metres wide, which will enable two-way walking and cycling. For the most part the foot and cycleway will be separated from the road by at least a 1 metre wide grass verge. Where it is not possible to create a 1 metre wide verge, we will look to construct a 3 metre wide path.

Traffic Management

During construction, the existing footway will be closed, but an alternative route for pedestrians will be provided where possible. Where this is not possible a member of site staff will be on hand to assist people through the works safely.

Traffic Management will need to be in place for some sections of these works. This will involve the use of either Stop/Go boards or temporary traffic lights, whichever is more suitable for the given location.

The road works will usually take place Monday to Friday between 8am and 5pm. 

Work on the Melbourn to A10 cycleway is due to be completed by February 2017.

Astra Zeneca, one of the main beneficiaries of the project, will also be giving £5k a year towards the maintenance of the vegetation along this section, to ensure it remains a high-quality key route to work for their employees.

Future possible links along the A10 corridor


Cambridgeshire County Council has recently consulted on a new foot & cycleway through the village of Harston. This part of the project is being funded through the County Councils’ successful bid to the Department for Transport’s Cycle City Ambition Fund. On 10 November the County Council’s Economy and Environment Committee will decide on the final go-ahead for the scheme. Construction for this path could start in summer 2017. More information on the project is available on the County Council's web page.

Melbourn to Royston

Officers are currently looking into the details of possible routes to create safer cycling facilities from Royston to Melbourn, including a bridge over the A505 near Royston. Such a scheme would entail a new path on the east side of the A10 linking to a bridge over the A505, and onwards into Royston. Cambridgeshire County Council are working with Hertfordshire County Council on the preliminary designs.