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Transport projects and consultations

Other key transport projects

The transport projects being considered for the Greater Cambridge City Deal form just part of the solution to improve transport infrastructure. It builds on the success of other schemes, funding bids and grants to ensure economic success and connectivity for the Greater Cambridge City Region.

The A14

New A14 route

For further information please see Highways England's website.

Cambridge North Station

A new rail station is planned for the Chesterton sidings area of Cambridge. This will provide rail access to the northern business and research parks of the City, especially for those travelling from South Cambridgeshire and Ely. Excellent bus and cycling links have also been included to maximise the potential to reduce car use.

For more information about the project please visit Network Rail's site. For more information about bus, cycling and walking links to the Station visit Cambridgeshire County Council's webpage

East West Rail

The City Deal acknowledges the importance of transport links between Cambridge and Oxford.

The Government is reinstating the western section of the closed Oxford – Cambridge railway as far east as Bedford. We are committed to working with the Government and the East-West Rail Consortium to examine options for the section between Bedford and Cambridge, and accelerating the delivery of an option if there is a robust case to do so.