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Transport projects and consultations

Cambourne to Cambridge - better bus journeys

Cambourne to Cambridge is a bus priority scheme. The A428 and A1303 are key routes into the city from the west and is often congested between Cambourne and Cambridge. We would like to create better bus journeys by improving the existing, or creating new bus infrastructure, and where possible cycling links too. This may be as a new off-road route, on-road or a combination of the two.


The City Deal Joint Assembly and Executive Board recommendations and decisions from the 13 October meetings have now been published online. These include the decisions made on the Cambourne to Cambridge reports that were presented to the Board, as well as answers to public questions that were asked at the meetings. You can view all of these documents here.

We have now published the following report:

The City Deal has committed to considering alternative Park and Ride sites, more information about this can be found in a recent news release.

Project Progress

Officers have now been instructed to carry out further assessment and appraisal on various aspects of the scheme, as set out by the Executive Board on 13 October 2016. You can view the decisions of the board here.

Please see the papers below which were presented to the Executive Board on 13 October 2016. These papers & reports contain the options assessment for the Cambourne to Cambridge scheme and a recommended option for further assessment. These will be discussed at the City Deal Assembly on 19 September 2016 and at the Executive Board on 13 October 2016. You can download and view all the reports:

Further public consultation will commence in 2017. 

On Thursday 3 March 2016, the Greater Cambridge City Deal Executive Board took note of the responses to the 2015 public consultation. It was agreed that any alternative and hybrid options suggested in the consultation responses should be included in the ongoing development and assessment of the project.

A joint Local Liaison Forum has been created for this project and the Western Orbital. The public are welcome to attend all Local Liaison Forum sessions. You can find out more on the Local Liaison Forum pages.

As anticipated the public consultation has generated new and alternative proposals which will help form the on-going assessment of options. Further technical work by consultants to complete the assessment will inform the City Deal Board report in September 2016. A public consultation on detailed options is planned for early 2017.

The report, and its background papers, which was presented to the board can be downloaded here:

Environmental constraints maps for Cambourne to Cambridge:

Environmental constraints map 1 (PDF, 3MB)
Environmental constraints map 2 (PDF, 8MB)
Environmental constraints map 3 (PDF, 11MB)
Environmental constraints map 4 (PDF, 2MB)


The consultation on the proposals ran from 12 October – 23 November 2015. Leaflets which included a paper survey were distributed around the proposal areas, and were also made available at publicly accessible sites, such as Madingley Park & Ride and Cambourne Library. Links to an online survey were available on the City Deal webpages, as well as Facebook and Twitter. Over 2000 consultation responses were received.

You can download a copy of the consultation leaflet, which contains information on the original proposals for the Cambourne to Cambridge Scheme in the Additional Information section below.

We held 11 public exhibition events in Cambridge, Cambourne and in villages near the A428 during the consultation period. These exhibitions gave members of the public a chance to speak with project officers about the proposals. Over 300 members of the public came to the events.



Area 1 of this project has been allocated funding from Tranche One of the City Deal transport programme. Area 2 will be allocated funding from Tranche Two of the City Deal transport programme.

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