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Transport projects and consultations

Cross City Cycling

Cross City Cycling is a walking and cycling scheme made up of five different projects. The five projects are spread across the north, east and south of Cambridge. They are key links to cycle routes across the city, as well as to shops, schools and employment sites. Each project will benefit residents, students or commuters.

The five projects are:

  • Arbury Road
  • Links to Cambridge North Rail Station and the Science Park
  • Ditton Lane and links to East Cambridge
  • Hills Road and Addenbrooke’s Route
  • Fulbourn/Cherry Hinton Eastern Access

Map of all five of the cross city cycling projects

The five projects would:

  • Provide residents with better walking and cycling links to schools and employment centres
  • Help reduce congestion, which in turn improves air quality, road safety and health
  • Benefit local residents, motorists, cyclists and pedestrians
  • Support areas of growth in the City
  • Fill gaps in the existing cycling network

The Schemes

Links to Cambridge North Rail Station and the Science Park

Construction of safe and attractive cycle links to the new Cambridge North Rail station, the Business and Science parks started on 30 January 2017. The project has been divided into three phases:

  • Green End Road from Water Lane to Nuffield Road: work for this section started on 30 January.
  • Nuffield Road: A local consultation has been conducted and the results are currently being analysed. 
  • Green End Road from Nuffield Road to Milton Road: work is planned to start in the next twelve months

Cycle links to Science Park 

What will be built in phase 1?

  • 1.5-1.7m wide advisory cycle lanes will be built on both sides of the road.
  • The white line in the centre of the road will be removed.
  • New kerbs will be put in at the junctions with Enniskillen Road and Kendal Way.
  • A new style crossing of the Frank’s Lane junction will give greater priority to pedestrians.
  • The double yellow lines outside Chesterton Primary School will be extended.
  • Double yellow lines are planned from the junction with Scotland Road to Water Lane with gaps for some parking, outside the shops and traffic calming cushions along the same section.
  • A new style bus stop will be built near Frank’s Lane.  This bus stop is similar to the new stops on Huntingdon Road, which separates cyclists from motorists. The cycle lane will go on the inside of the bus stop between the footway and the stop. 

Please see the construction drawings for more details.

The work on phase 1 of Green End Road will be completed during Spring 2017.

Traffic Regulation Order

Letters were delivered to houses immediately adjacent to proposed waiting time restrictions (double yellow lines and single yellow lines outside the shops) in late April. The consultation period runs until 19 May 2017. Queries and objections can be made by contacting, please quote PR0371. The Traffic Regulation Order Notice (PDF, 28KB)Plan 1 (PDF, 242KB)Plan 2 (PDF, 285KB), and the Consultation Letter (PDF, 53KB) are now available online.

Why are the cycling improvements necessary?
Green End Road is heavily used by cyclists heading to the Business and Science Parks and the Guided Busway. Nuffield Road will also become an important part of the walking and cycling network, providing direct access to the new Cambridge North Station. This project aims to improve the safety and attractiveness of these routes. 

Further information

Detailed drawings, as presented at the public consultation in 2016: Milton Road to Nuffield Road uni-directional (PDF, 743KB), Milton to Nuffield Road bi-directional (PDF, 704KB), Nuffield Road junction uni-directional (PDF, 602KB), Nuffield Road junction bi-directional (PDF, 704KB), Nuffield Road to Evergreens (PDF, 564KB), Evergreens to Water Lane (PDF, 582KB) and Nuffield Road (PDF, 406KB). These drawings are being amended as a result of public and stakeholder feedback in order to improve the scheme.

Hills Road and Addenbrooke's Route

This is a key route for people accessing local schools and sixth form colleges as well as the Biomedical Campus. The cycle facilities at the junction of Hills Road/Long Road/Queen Edith’s Way are limited. The route aims to provide safer crossing for pedestrians and cyclists accessing the Biomedical Campus.

Frequently Asked Questions (PDF, 228KB) on the scheme.

From the week commencing 19 June the main construction works on a new cycleway are scheduled to begin between the Hills Road/Long Road junction and the Addenbrooke’s roundabout. This will result in a single lane closure, more details of which can be read in the Letter to Residents (PDF, 92KB)

Please see the scheme drawing for more information. If you have any questions please contact

Hills Road and Addenbrooke's Route

Arbury Road Route

Increased traffic from new housing developments in north Cambridge will put extra pressure on Arbury Road. The cycling provision on Arbury Road is limited and of poor quality.

Phase One (St Catharine's Road to St Albans Road): Completed.

Phase Two (St Albans Road to Arbury Court Play Area): Ongoing.

This project will follow that of the finished section between St Catherine's Road and St Albans Road. There will be high quality raised cycleways with Cambridge kerbs on both sides of the road; the existing mini-roundabouts will be replaced with T-junctions; there will be improved crossing points for pedestrians and the off road foot/cycleway near Arbury Court will be replaced by an on-road cycleway and separate footway.

The detailed design for the cycleway scheme is still being worked on but it is clear that additional road space is required to make room for the new cycle lanes. The next stage will be to submit the detailed design for the second Road Safety Audit. The project team will respond to the recommendations in the Audit and if necessary make amendments to the design. Once these stages have been worked through, the final engineering drawings will be made available on the website.

Certain sections of Arbury Road now require the moving and replacement of certain hedges for work to progress. These works are preparatory and construction works are due to start later this year. A letter has been distributed to local residents. You can download a copy of this letter here (PDF, 413KB).

Planting the hedges ahead of the works will allow them to become established over the growing season. Advice has been sought from the hedge supplier as to the watering programme and funding will be allocated to ensure the contractor carries out this programme.

The hedges will be replaced with a native mix of 8 different species of hedging that will increase biodiversity whilst still retaining a similar height to the original hedges. Removing and replanting works will start on Monday 20 March, and take around 2 weeks to complete. This will be on the hedge running parallel with Nicholson Way and along the section of road between St Albans Road and Albemarle Way. Traffic management will be in place whilst these works are carried out. An ecological assessment will also be carried out 24 hours before works are due to start.

Detailed consultation drawings are available: Section 1 (PDF, 1023KB), Section 2 (PDF, 403KB), Section 3 (PDF, 594KB).  These are being amended as a result of public and stakeholder feedback in order to improve the scheme.

Arbury Road Route

Ditton Lane and Links to East Cambridge

National Cycle Network 11 and 51 (NCN 11 & NCN 51) crosses Ditton Lane near Fison Road and then runs parallel to the river Cam and connects the City Centre with East Cambridge. This route is extensively used by cyclists heading to Newmarket Park & Ride and Marshalls. In the future the route is also likely to be used by those travelling to the Wing housing development.

This scheme will ensure improvements to the busy NCN 11 & NCN 51 and improve the links to the local area, Fen Ditton Primary School and Horningsea.Detailed consultation drawings are available: Section 1 (PDF, 246KB), Section 2 (PDF, 229KB)Section 3 (PDF, 240KB) and Section 4 (PDF, 246KB). These drawings are being amended as a result of public and stakeholder feedback in order to improve the scheme.Ditton Lane and links to East Cambridge

Fulbourn/Cherry Hinton Eastern Access

The growth of housing and employment sites in the Cherry Hinton and Fulbourn Road area, such as the expansion of the ARM headquarters will put further pressure on local roads. Improving the cycleway on Fulbourn Road would enhance cycle access to the city centre and contribute to the completion of the cycleway network in this part of south-east Cambridge.

Detailed consultation drawings are available: Section 1 (PDF, 516KB), Section 2 (PDF, 239KB), Section 3 (PDF, 331KB) and Section 4 (PDF, 221KB). These drawings are being amended as a result of public and stakeholder feedback in order to improve the scheme.


Cross City Cycling has a budget of £8,000,000 of which £25,000 has been set aside for cycle parking throughout the city and £200,000 for minor improvements to the cycling network.

The Consultation

The consultation took place between Monday 4 January and Monday 15 February 2016. Leaflets with paper survey inserts were distributed around each of the five project areas, and made available at publically accessible locations, such as community centres and libraries. A link to the online survey was on the City Deal webpages and on Facebook & Twitter.
In total 7 public exhibitions were held. These provided members of the public with a chance to view detailed drawings and plans of each scheme and speak with project officers. Around 150 people attended the exhibitions.

The City Deal Executive Board approved the Cross City Cycling schemes on 9 June 2016 and agreed to increase the funding for the project. You can view the minutes and decisions of this meeting here.

You can view the papers presented to the Executive Board on 9 June 2016 below:

Additional Information

You can view the project briefs that were provided to consultants here:

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