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Transport projects and consultations

Milton Road

Milton Road is a bus priority scheme, which could also provide needed walking and cycling improvements. Milton Road is one of the main roads into the city and is often congested in peak times. We aim to improve the bus, cycle and walking infrastructure in the area, to make these travel options more attractive and reduce congestion. To do this, we would look to create bus lanes, bus priority signals and possibly close some roads.
Project Progress.


A number of workshops have taken place to help develop the detailed designs for the Milton Road Scheme. A report on these workshops is now available online. You can download the report below. If you would like to know more about the workshops, please visit the Local Liaison Forum pages.

Project Progress

In response to residents' concerns that Milton Road could have fewer trees as the road is developed, Cllr Herbert has confirmed the Executive Board's support for mature trees to be a "core deign element" of the final design. You can read the full response here.

Papers on the scheme were presented to the Executive Board on 9 June 2016. You can view the papers here as well as the decisions made by the Executive Board.:

To view and download all of the consultation responses, including all emails, letters and comments on both Histon Road and Milton Road schemes, please click here.


An initial full public consultation ran from 14 December 2015 to 15 February 2016. The initial ideas put forward in the consultation included two options:
• 'Do Maximum' which would achieve the best possible transport improvements
• 'Do Something' which would have less impact on the street scene but also less improvement for transport.

Do Something


milton road do something


Do Maximum



milton rd do max

Elizabeth Way roundabout:
• Replacing the roundabout with traffic signals to give priority to buses and improve cycle safety
• Closing off Highworth Avenue to motor vehicles, which would then be accessed via Leys Road
• Improving the street scene

Arbury Road/Union Lane junction:
• Closing the Union Lane arm to motor vehicles to reduce junction delays
• Give more priority to buses

Mitcham's Corner:
• Measures to improve cycling and walking movements throughout the junction
• Seek to integrate transport improvements on Milton Road with City Council led future proposals for Mitcham's Corner. These include possible highway changes to create an improved and more friendly public space, particularly for pedestrians and cyclists

Gilbert Road:
• Improved bus priority by providing separate bus signals
• Improved facilities for cycling
King's Hedges/Green End Road junction
• Improvements to: traffic signals, cycling and walking and the street sc

Cross section

The cross section shows a model layout of how the whole road width could be divided between cars, buses, cycles and pedestrians on Milton Road. However, in some sections the road is not wide enough to accommodate bus and cycle lanes. At other points where bus and cycle lanes are segregated we would require land outside the highway boundary to accommodate these ideas.


Milton, cross section,


An initial budget of around £24m has been identified for this project but at this stage it is difficult to assess the likely cost. Further details will be provided as the project develops and preferred improvements are identified. The funding for this scheme will come from the City Deal transport programme and developer contributions.
The following documents are available as background to the development of the project:

Further background information on bus priority measures is available:

Mitcham's Corner

Traffic modelling has been undertaken to assess the impact of a conceptual layout involving the severing of the current gyratory road layout, as suggested within the City Council's draft Supplementary Planning Document for the Mitcham's Corner area.

The modelling report is available here: Mitcham's Corner Paramics Model (PDF, 1.12MB) 

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