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Harnessing innovation

Greater Cambridge is a global hub of research, innovation and technology. The City Deal will invest in this resource to support future growth and make people’s lives easier, by:

  • making the most of academic research to help inform or future-proof our plans
  • making Greater Cambridge a world-leading Smart City
  • considering solutions proposed through public consultation.

Developing a ‘Smart Cambridge’

Smart Cambridge is a pioneering programme established by the Greater Cambridge City Deal to explore how data, technology and better connectivity can be used to transform the way people live, work and travel in the Greater Cambridge area and beyond.

Local councils, technology businesses, university researchers and partner organisations are working together to find smart ways to tackle city region challenges such as transport, air quality, energy and healthcare.

Local people are also playing their part by taking part in Smart Cambridge #hackathons, accessing available data to help find creative solutions to the city’s challenges.

To find out more, read the Smart Cambridge Guide or visit the Smart Cambridge programme website.