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How smart is Greater Cambridge already?

Greater Cambridge already has significant infrastructure that is connected and produces valuable data - laying the foundations for more smart city technologies.

Traffic lights, parking meters, passenger information screens, waste bins, CCTV cameras, air quality monitors, street lights and bus times are just some of the networked services can be seen connecting the city every day.

Smart Cambridge is looking to work with others to build upon this by joining these networks up and using the data in a smarter way.

Less visible, but just as vital, is the free Wifi available in public buildings and open spaces in and around the city with the support of the University of Cambridge and the countywide roll-out of high speed fibre broadband to homes and businesses through the Connecting Cambridgeshire programme.

Citizens are playing their part by taking part in Smart Cambridge #hackathons to find creative solutions to the city’s challenges and helping Cambridge Ahead to map ‘notspots’ to improve mobile, broadband and wireless connectivity.