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What are our next steps?

Smart Cambridge is developing a ‘smart city management platform’ with scope for myriad smart applications, including a data network to support ‘Internet of Things’ technology - allowing products to ‘talk’ to each other - and a data hub to collate and process data from an array of sensors around the city. The platform will also allow third-party developers and citizens to use the data to build applications and to be able to analyse and visualise the data.

smart cambridge infographic

Sensors in roads, pavements, traffic lights, lamp-posts and buildings can be used to monitor a range of measures including air quality, traffic, cycle and pedestrian movements. The combined data can then be used to plan smart solutions including making transport systems more reliable and easier to use.

Much of the technology required is still in development, so Smart Cambridge is looking to collaborate with commercial partners to ‘test bed’ new solutions.

If successful, the technology and applications developed as part of the City Deal could be used more widely to support new communities in Cambridgeshire, including the significant development at Northstowe.