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How to get in touch

The City Deal team are available Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

Telephone:     01223 699906
Post:         City Deal Team, SH1311, Shire Hall, Cambridge, CB3 0AP

For the latest City Deal updates, including details of future consultations, follow us on:

Twitter:     @gccitydeal

How to get involved

We are committed to working closely with individuals, groups and organisations, to keep you informed of City Deal developments and make it easy for you to share your views.

Asking a question at the Joint Assembly or Executive Board

The Joint Assembly and Executive Board meetings are held in public and individuals or group representatives are welcome to attend and ask questions. The procedures around this process can be found in the Terms of Reference for the Executive Board and Joint Assembly, which are available on the .
Important changes have been introduced from January 2017 to improve public access to the decision-making process via the public question system.
Key changes include:
• Public questions must be submitted by 10am three working days in advance of the meeting.
• Meeting papers will be published five working days in advance of the public question deadline date.
• Public questions going to the meeting will now be published in advance of the meeting.
• Public questions asked and answered during the meeting will continue to form part of the minutes published subsequent to those meetings and any written responses agreed during the course of the meeting will also be published in due course.

All questions should be submitted to:, 03450 450 500. All deadline dates can be found on the City Deal calendar on the homepage.

Please see the City Deal Public Questions Protocol (PDF, 260KB) for more details. The Terms of Reference for both the Joint Assembly and the Executive Board are available on the City Deal Structure page.

Have your say at a Local Liaison Forum

Your local councillors, and a range of membership and community groups, are also kept informed about plans affecting their area and can act as a voice for you and your community in City Deal plans. Local Liaison Forum (LLF) meet on a regular basis to exchange information and discuss planned improvements.