Tackling Cambridge Congestion

Please find:

  • The transport challenge Cambridge faces
  • How the Greater Cambridge City Deal is tackling congestion
  • The summer 2016 engagement on Tackling peak time congestion
  • Recommendations and next steps
  • How to share you views and ask questions

Recommendations and Next Steps

In January 2017 the City Deal Joint Assembly and Executive Board considered a report on Tackling Peak time Congestion in Cambridge. In this report, these recommendations were proposed:

  • Package of 6 Peak-time Congestion Control Points (PCCPs) will not be developed further
  • An alternative package of physical demand management measures to be worked up
  • Other 7 elements of the 8 point plan being pursued
  • Includes development of a Workplace Parking Levy scheme
  • A Clean Air Zone being investigated further with potential for a pollution charge

These recommendations were unanimously approved by the City Deal Executive Board on Wednesday 25th January.

Why do we need to tackle congestion?

Watch a short video by Hilary Holden (a City Deal officer) who explains how and why we need to tackle congestion in Cambridge.
 City Access - The Transport Challenge

The City Deal aims to make it easier to travel into, out of and around Cambridge by public transport, cycle or on foot and to reduce and maintain current peak-time traffic levels by 15% by 2031.

Read the answers City Deal Executive Board Chair Lewis Herbert gave in a Q & A about the transport 'crisis' in the City.

Summer 2017 engagement

Following approval from the Executive Board, an 8 point plan on Tackling Peak-time Congestion (PDF, 2.7MB) in Cambridge was shared with the public and asked for feedback between 11 July and 10 October 2016.

City Access Summer 2016








Report summary, key documents and further information

City Access Report to the January 2017 Executive Board (PDF, 2MB)

Tackling Peak-Time Congestion Engagement Report (PDF, 14MB)

Tackling Peak-Time Congestion Engagement Full Results (XLSX, 6.5MB) and Correspondence Received (XLSX, 912KB) 

Quick Guide (PDF, 870KB) (an overview of the report)

Residents' Association Forum Meeting Notes 17.01.17 (notes of a Residents' Association Forum meeting held to discuss the City Deal and the Residents' Parking Survey.

Peak-time congestion control points (Taking into account concerns from local residents as well as commuters, these Points are no longer being put forward. Alternative traffic demand management concepts will be considered as part of a solution to Cambridge congestion)

Residential Parking Report (PDF, 6.7MB) 

Private Non-residential Parking Report (PDF, 6MB).

Workplace Parking Levy (WPL);

On-street parking controls;

Travel for Cambridgeshire

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact us

We are still interested in hearing from the public and stakeholders on the recommended package of measures. Should you wish to ask a question at the City Deal Assembly or Executive Board please get in touch with officers at South Cambridgeshire District Council’s Democratic Services team as they organise these meetings. Their contact email is: democratic.services@scambs.gov.uk.  Please note that under new standing orders, questions must be submitted three days before meetings, papers are commensurately published further in advance. You can also contact us through email, phone, post and social media.